Why Laxmi Puja


Goddess Lakshmi or Laxmi, is the owner of wealth, fortune, and prosperity. All these are the crucial parts of peaceful living, keeping up and advancing in our life. For effectively carrying on with our life we similarly require good knowledge & pure brain. Goddess Laxmi is the foundation of energy that can satisfy our basic needs of both spiritual and material prosperity. The following aspects of the Goddess Laxmi can give us with the considerable knowledge, wealth, and energy:

  • Adi Laxmi is the origin of memory; we can be given with the immense quality & smoothness to our mind.
  • Dhana Laxmi is the source of material wealth. The devotees of Dhana Lakshmi never feel insecure of these.
  • Vidya Laxmi is the source of knowledge and wisdom. She fulfills her devotees with the lot of knowledge, expertise, and talents.
  • Dhanya Laxmi is the source of food who bestows us with never-ending energy in the form of food.
  • Santana Laxmi is the origin of happiness who gives us with the unimaginable happiness in our life by blessing us, child.
  • Dhaarya Laxmi is the source of courage who bestows us with a lot of courage in the bad times of our life.
  • Vijaya Laxmi represents the symbol of a win over enemy evil. We offer puja to the Vijay Lakshmi to be bestowed with a lot of good energy to win with the negativity of our daily life.
  • Bhagya Laxmi is the source of good fortune and prosperity. Everyone needs good fortune and prosperity both to handle the difficulties of various phases of life.

Goddess Laxmi had emerged from the water. She is the symbol of love which is ultimately the largest source of wealth and works as a life-saving liquid in our life. So, individuals offer puja to Goddess Laxmi to be honored with the wealth, good mind, peace, success and vitality in life.

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