Navratri 2017

Navratri 2017

Navratri is a Hindu festival. This year, Navratri 2017 date is from 21-09-2017 to 30-09-2017. That means Navratri 2017 will start on Thursday, 21st September & will end on Saturday, 30th September.

Navratri is celebrated for 9 nights and it ends with Dussehra. Dussehra is also called as Vijayadashami, which is celebrated for the victory of good over evil.

It is believed that Goddess Durga or the Mother Goddess has nine Avtars. During the nine days of Navratri, Goddess Durga is worshipped in each of her nine forms. Each day of Navratri has a different ritual associated with it.

People dress in a different vibrant colour on each Navratri day. They dress up based on what day of the week the festival starts and then it follows a particular cycle. People wish each other with Navratri Wishes and there are different Navratri songs available which they run on each Navratri day. In Gujrat, Garba is very famous to celebrate Navratri.

Navratri Colours

What Dress colour one should wear on each day of Navratri. Here are the details for you:

Day 01: Pratipada (21 September 2017)

The first form of Goddess Durga is called Shailputri . She is considered as ‘Daughter of the Mountain’ which represents nature and purity.

First-day colour: Yellow.

Day 02: Dwitiya (22 September 2017)

The second form of Goddess Durga is called as ‘Brahmacharini’. Her name is derivative of the word ‘Brahma’, which means ‘Tapa’.

Second-day colour: Green.

Day 03: Tritiya (23 September 20117)

On the third day, the goddess is worshipped as the married form of Goddess Parvati: Chandraghanta. She is the symbolic representation of beauty and bravery.

Third-day colour: Grey.

Day 04: Chaturthi (24 September 2017)

The goddess is worshipped as Kushmanda on the fourth day. It is believed that Kushmanda is the creator of the entire Universe.

Fourth-day colour: Orange.

Day 05: Panchami (25 September 2017)

On the fifth day, the goddess is worshipped in the form called Skandamta. She is called so because she is represented as the mother of Skanda, the chief warrior of the Gods army.

Fifth-day colour: White.

Day 06: Shasthi (26 September 2017)

On the sixth day, the goddess is worshipped as Katyayani, which is the form of Goddess Parvati that morphs into to fight and destroy the buffalo demon Mahishasura.

Sixth-day colour: Red.

Day 07: Saptami (27 September 2017)

On the seventh day, the goddess is worshipped in the Kalaratri form or the dark night. As the name suggests, Kalrati is as black as a dark night.

Seventh-day colour: Royal blue.

Day 08: Ashtami (28 September 2017) 

On the eight day, the form of the goddess worshipped on this day of Navratri is Mahagauri, the Mata Rani considered being extremely beautiful.

Eight-day colour: Pink.

Day 09: Navami (29 September 2017)

On the ninth day, Goddess Durga is worshipped as Siddhidatri. It is believed she consists of all the eight siddhis.

Ninth-day colour: Purple.

Dussehra: Day 10 (30 September 2017)

The victory of good over evil.

On the final day of Navratri people wear vibrant & colourful clothing.

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