Kids Diwali

Diwali For Kids:

For kids, Diwali is about sparklers! To keep away from wounds, ensure you direct them. Guide them on how to burn crackers and endeavor to associate with when they are handling flame.

1. Educate your children how to blast crackers appropriately.

2. Make them wear very much fitted, cotton texture garments. Stay away from engineered garments as they burst into flames rapidly.

3. Continuously keep a can of water in nearness. If there should be an occurrence of flame or consumes, you can utilize that water for quick protection.

4. Educate your children to keep up a decent separation while burning crackers to secure their eyes.

5. Make your child wear defensive eye wear with the goal that smoke, clean and flotsam and jetsam don’t enter in their eyes.

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We have some very interesting thing for kids to engage kids during Diwali celebrations and those are Coloring pages for kids.

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