Pooja Process

Few days before Diwali Puja:

  1. Clean the entire house. Make it trash free as much as possible. You can even get the renovations done or get the house painted to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi in the house.
  2. Decorate the house with lights, candles, diyas. You can also make rangoli at the entrance.
  3. Footprints can be drawn at the four corners of the rangoli, using rice powder and vermilion (kumkum).


Materials required for puja:

  • Statue/Idol/poster of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi, and Mata Saraswati in a sitting posture.
  • Silver or Gold coins
  • Betel Nuts or Supari (10)Laxmi- ganesha
  • Raw Rice
  • Water in a small pot/glass
  • A clean plate/thali
  • Oil Lamps or ghee Diyas with cotton wicks
  • Paan or Mango leaves (5)
  • A whole coconut with water
  • Raksha Sutra/kalava/mauli
  • Panchamrit (made from milk, honey, curd, ghee and tulsi leaves)
  • A piece of red cloth
  • Red vermillon/roli/kumkum to apply as a tilak
  • Camphor/kapoor
  • Incense sticks/ agarbatti
  • Rose/marigold (gulab/gainde ke phool) flower and petals
  • Sweets
  • Kalash
  • Pooja bell

 Procedure/Pujan Vidhi:

  1. Check out the correct time for Diwali pujan.Keep all the material required for pujan ready before that time.
  2. Clean the surrounding place, bathe and wear clean/new clothes. Spread a new cloth at the place where puja has to be performed.
  3. Make a Satiya and Om symbol in the middle with some rice wheat flour or put handful raw rice at the center of the cloth.swastic
  4. Place a Kalash above that. Fill it with water having betel nut/supari, a marigold flower, a coin and some raw rice. Arrange five mango leaves in the Kalash and put a small dish (filled with rice) on it. Make a lotus flower at the rice of the dish with turmeric powder. Place the statue of goddess Laxmi  & coins on it.
  5. Now, place the statue of Lord Ganesha in front of Kalash at the right side in the South-West direction. Keep the Aarti book or other related to business or occupation at the puja place. You can also place your laptop in puja.
  6. Light the lamp and offer haldi, kumkum, flowers etc in front of the Kalash.
  7. Now, take some flowers in your hand and either chant is mantra given below or just think about goddess Lakshmi and offer flowers in your hand to the idol/poster to invoke the Goddess.

“Om sarvebhyo gurubhyo namah |

Om sarvebhyo devebhyo namah ||Lakshmi and Ganesha

Om sarvebhyo brahmanebhyo namah ||

Prarambha karyam nirvighnamastu |

Subham sobhanamastu |

Ista devata kuladevata suprasanna varada bhavatu ||

Anujnam dehi ||”

8. Offer bath to the idol of Goddess Lakshmi by putting into the thali, with the water, panchamrit (mixture of milk, tulsi petals, curd, ghee, honey and sugar). Then wash with clean water having gold ornaments or pearls. Wipe the statue with clean cloth by putting it above the Kalash. Offer water, panchamrit and flower on it.

9. Then apply kumkum, /vermillion on God and Goddess forehead and feet, offer a garland of marigold flowers, light incense sticks. Offer sweets, coconut, a variety of fruits, raw rice. Put some money or jewellery at puja place & make worship of that as well as a mark of Lord Kuber.

10. After this, all the people present in the room should apply kumkum on their foreheads and tie kalava/mauli on their wrists.

Men and kids: Right-hand wrist

Married women: Left-hand wrist

11. Now, start with Lord Ganesha’s Aarti first. sing the aarti while ringing puja bell and rotating a lighted diya in a thali in a clockwise direction.

12. Now, read/sing aarti for goddess Lakshmi.

13. At the end of puja, distribute the holy prasad to family members and neighbors. Then you can light the candles, diyas and fire crackers around your houses.

People perform the puja of Goddess Lakshmi for their Good Luck. The goddess of wealth is worshipped daily but especially on the occasion of Diwali on the Amavasya.

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